Guildelines for Authors

Kindly ensure that your submission conforms with this format before final submission. 

Italicized, 250 words maximum, single spacing, times new Roman 12

Body of the work 
Maximum 5000words, double spacing, times new Roman 12
Just 5 Subheadings may include
  • Introduction (may include statement of problem, background, purpose, research questions and hypothesis), 
  • Body(with a suitable subtitle - may include brief literature review, theoretical framework, conceptual design etc), 
  • Methodology (may include research design, sample and sampling technique, reliability, validity,),
  •  Data analysis and Discussion (result should be discussed along with tables and figures presented, tables should be summarized, not a long list of tables, summary of all findings in relation with literature), 
  • Conclusions and Implications(give relevant and meaningful conclusions, recommendations and strong implications of the research

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